School Summit

Joining Minds for Global Impact

 The University of Chicago  
Spring 2021
1-3 March 2019
The University of Chicago

The Summit

March 5th-6th, 2021

The Inter-Policy School Summit is excited to announce we are starting our partnership with PYXERA Global for the 2021 Summit. The Summit will focus on transforming inclusive circular economies and improving the quality of life in urban communities through the lens of social policy solutions; a topic that will come to play an increasingly important role in the policy realm for decades to come.


The objective of the 2021 Inter-Policy School Summit is for students to address challenges that urban communities face through social and racial equity, environmental sustainability, and economic development. Students will work within the circular economy policy area to research and draft tangible policy solutions. These “case studies,” taken together, will help PYXERA Global leadership formulate plans to integrate inclusive circular economy into urban communities facing unique challenges. The epitome of "think global, act local", work being done in the field of circular economy gives professional policy students the opportunity to make meaningful impact in international and domestic social policy. 


The 2021 Inter-Policy School Summit will bring together graduate students from across the world to propose rigorous and tangible solutions for the challenges faced by urban communities.

About the Summit

Since 2017, graduate students from across the world have attended the Inter-Policy School Summit, a student-run conference that seeks to propose rigorous and tangible solutions to some of the most pressing global issues of our time.


145 participants

40 universities

more than 9 countries represented